When Making a Menu, please take in consideration what your budget is!
We can not quote by sucking on our thumbs what we think you want. You as our valued client must indicate to us what you have available to spend.



We have Set-Munu's available with choices :

1. Three Course Meal with Starter, Main Course with 1 X Meat, 2 X Starches, 2 X Salads, 2 X Vegetables & Dessert : From R150 Per Person

2. Three Course Meal with Starter, Main Course with 2 X Meats, 2 X Starches, 3 X Salads, 3 X Vegetables & Dessert : From R205 Per Person

3. Three Course Meal with Starter, Main Course with 3 X Meats, 2 X Starches, 3 X Salads, 3 X Vegetables & Dessert : From R235 Per Person

4. Three Course Meal with Starter, Main Course with 4 Meats, 3 X Starches, 3 X Salads, 3 X Vegetables & Dessert : From R275 Per Person 

5. Three Course Meal with Starter, Main Course with 5 Meats, 3 X Starches, 3 X Salads, 3 X Vegetables & Dessert : From R315 Per Person

We can cater from a shoestring budget to the most exquisite. But we can not be expected to give a plate of Lamb Curry & Rice for the price of a Boerewors Roll. Your choices will affect prices.

Starters : 

Chicken Wing on skewer served with a Dip Sauce & Cocktail Roll : R35.00

2 Rissoles : Mince & Shrimp  served with a Dip Sauce : R40.00

2 Mini Chicken Kebabs (Sosaties) Served with a Dip Sauce & Cocktail Roll : R40.00

2 Mini Beef Kebabs (Sosaties) Served with a Dip Sauce and Cocktail Roll : R45.00

2 Mini Lamb Kebabs (Sosaties) Served with a Dip Sauce and Cocktail Roll : R65.00

Chicken Samoosa, Beef Samoosa, Vegtable Spring Roll & Chicken Spring Roll served with a Dip Sauce : R35.00

Peri-Peri Chicken Livers served with a Cocktail Roll : R35.00

3 Mini Pita Pockets filled with : Chicken Mayo , Savoury Mince & Feta, Ham Cheese & Pesto : R45.00

Mini Chicken Bunny Chow : R30.00

Mini Beef Bunny Chow : R35.00

Mini Vegetable Bunny Chow : R25.00

Mini Lamb Bunny Chow : R45.00

3 X Mini Vetkoek filled with : Sweet Chicken Chilli Mayo, Tuna Mayo, Savoury Mince : R40.00

Beef and vegetable Soup Served with a Cocktail Roll  : R35.00

Chicken & Vegetable Soup Served with a Cocktail Roll : R30.00

Salmon served on a bed of salad topped with Capers & Chef's Tartare Salad Dressing : R175.00

Crumbed Butterfly Prawn Tempura served with Tartare Sauce : R125.00

Crumbed Calamari Rings Served with tartare Sauce ; R100.00

Hake Fillet served with Garlic Butter Sauce : R70.00

Fish Cakes Served with Lemon & Herb Tartare Sauce : R70.00

Chicken Cordon Bleu Served with a Cocktail Roll : R50.00

Chicken Drummettes Served with a Cocktail Roll : R40.00

Phyllo Pastry Pies : 2 X Spanakopita (Creamy Spinach & Feta), 2 X Cheese Trio (Ricotta, Feta & Mozzerella) : R55.00

South Texas Carne Guisada served with Tortilla, topped with Sour Cream & Cheddar Cheese. (Lean Beef Blocks simmered with Bell Peppers, Tomatoes, Onions, garlic & Savoury Spices) R100.00

Southern Fried Chicken served with Cocktail Roll & Gravy : R60.00

Shrimp Cocktail Wrap : Full Wrap filled with Spicy Mexican Shrimp Cocktail & Avocado Puree : R95.00

Crumbed Mushrooms with Sweet Chilli Mayo Dip Sauce : R70.00

Main Course : 


White Rice : R15.00

Yellow Rice : R16.00

White Vegetable Rice : R18.00

Yellow Vegetable Rice : R19.00

Basmati Rice : R25.00

Pap : R12.00

Krummel Pap Putu Pap : R15.00

Pap Tert / Pap Tart : R25.00

South Western Rice : Rice with Peppers, Onion, Corn, Black beans, Tomatoes & Chille cooked with Chicken Stock, Cumin, Cloves, Tumeric, : R25.00

Spanish Rice : R25.00

Mexican Rice : R25.00

Jolof Rice : R25.00

Cheesy Pap Balls : R30.00

Potato Wedges : R20.00

Baby Potatoes in Garlic & Rosemary Butter : R20.00

Cous Cous : R25.00

Polenta : R25.00

Mashed Potatoes : R20.00

Fried Potatoes : R20.00

Maize Rice : Mielie Rys : R25.00

Pearled Whole Wheat / Stampkoring : R30.00

Samp / Stamp Mielies : R25.00

Cocktail Rolls : R3.00


Green Beans with Potato, Onion & Bacon : R15.00

Fried Curried Cabbage : R10.00

Cabbage with Cheese : R15.00

Spinach : R10.00

Creamed Spinach : R15.00

Brocoli with Cheese Sauce : R18.00

Cauliflower with Cheese Sauce : R18.00

Brocoli & Cauliflower with Cheese Sauce : R18.00

Mixed Vegetables : R15.00

Curried Mixed Vegetables : R16.00

Pumpkin : R15.00

Pumpkin Fritters Dipped in Cinamon Sugar : R20.00

Pumpkin Fritters with Caramel Sauce : R25.00

Sweet Potatoes : R15.00

Sweet Carrots : R15.00

Peas : R15.00

Corn : R15.00

Grilled Mixed Vegetables : R15.00

Salted Carrots with Onion & Potato : R15.00

Grilled Eggplant / Eiervrug : R15.00


Green Salad : R10.00

Greek Salad : R18.00

Potato Salad : R10.00

Carrot & Raisin Salad : R10.00

Beetroot Salad : R10.00

Beetroot In Chutney Salad : R15.00

Fine Coleslaw : R10.00

Rice Salad with Vegetables , Ham & Cheese : R15.00

Spicy Red Pasta Salad : R15.00

Mixed Vegetable Salad with Sweet Chilli Mayo Dressing : R12.00

Fine Coleslaw with Pineapple : R15.00

Carrot Salad with Yoghurt : R15.00

Meats : 

Roast Beef : R55.00

Roast Pork : R45.00

Roast Lamb : R95.00

1/4 Grilled Chicken : R40.00

Chicken Drumstick : R20.00

Chicken Wing : R15.00

Chicken Thigh : R25.00

Rump Steak : R90 (200Gr)

Club T-Bone Steak (Also called : Junior T-Bone) R75 (200Gr)

T-Bone Steak with Fillet on : R110 (300Gr)

Fillet Steak The most Tender Cut 200Gr : R125.00

Boere Wors 150Gr : R40.00

Marinated Ribs : 400Gr : R120.00

Beef Curry : R75.00

Beef Stew : R75.00

Chicken Curry : R65.00

Chicken Stew : R65.00

Lamb Curry : R120.00

Lamb Stew : R120.00

Other Meals : 

Beef Lasagna Full Portion : R80.00

Beef Lasagna 1/2 Portion : R45.00

Chicken & Mushroom Lasagna Full Portion : R75.00

Chicken Lasagna 1/2 Portion : R42.50

Spinach & Ricotta Lasagna  Full Portion : R75.00

Spinach & Ricotta Lasagna 1/2 Portion : R42.50

Vegetable Lasagna Full Portion : R70.00

Vegetable Lasagna 1/2 Portion : R40.00

Beef Burger : R35.00

Cheese Burger : R45.00

Beef Burger with Chips : R55.00

Cheese Burger with Chips : R65.00

Double Beef Burger : R55.00

Double Beef Burger with Chips : R85.00

Chicken Fillet Burger : R40.00

Chicken Fillet Burger with Chips : R60.00

2 X Chicken Schnitzels with Chips or Potato Wedges and Cheese OR Mushroom Sauce & Crumbed Onion Rings : R75.00


Malva Pudding served with Custard : R45.00

Malva Pudding with Chocolate Vodka Liqueur : R55.00

Orange Syrup Cake with Whipped Cream : R55.00

Orange Syrup Cake with Chocolate Vodka Liqueur and Whipped Cream : R65.00

Chocolate Cake : R35.00

Medium Milk Tartlets : R25.00

Fruit Skewers with Seasonal Fruits Served with a Yoghurt Dip Sauce : R55.00

Fruit Salad served with Ice Cream : R60.00

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terms and Conditions : Where a Hall have been booked and paid, if cancelled a Month before the Event, 50% will be refunded. If catering was to be done no refund will be done. If a Venue was booked and is not available due to any circumstances from our side, a Full Refund will be made on the Venue. If we had to buy Decor in, our costs will be subtracted from the quoted price (this Includes a Retainer Cost 0f 40%) and if there is a positive balance it will be refunded immediately, If we can not refund it immediately we will pay back in monthly installments to the client due to the fact that the decor was ordered and bought especially for the client's function.

PAYMENTS : If your function is within than a month from Booking Full Payment is Required. If we offer you the option to PAY on Installments, please note that the Deposit is Required Immediately when you receive your INVOICE. THEREAFTER MONTHLY PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE ON OR BEFORE THE LAST DAY OF THE MONTH. BECAUSE WE GIVE SPECIAL TARIFFS TO YOU AS OUR VALUED CLIENT THIS MUST BE ADHERED TO. IF YOU DO NOT ADHERE TO IT A LATE PAYMENT PENALTY OF 10% OF THE VALUE OF WHAT YOU MUST PAY PER MONTH WILL BE ADDED.