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Buffet Catering

Lavonne Devine caters to your needs.

It is wise to let us know the following information:

Will your event be hosted at our Venue?

Will your event be hosted at a venue of your choice? Please supply full Address.

Do you have a menu in mind? Please share with us what you want to see on your menu?

Would you like us to propose a menu? (Again please state what your budget is , so it allows us to work within your budget)

If you use our Venue, will guest bring their own Drinks or will you use the Cash Bar?

Do you need a Barman?

Do you need waiters?

Will you be cleaning our Venue yourself or if we clean up, we charge a Fee of R1500.00 TO R2500.00 for cleaning.

We use Rectangular Tables, but if you would like Round Tables, we can provide them at R60.00 per Table.

We adhere to the Covid 19 Regulations.

All Guests must comply with the regulations in full

We charge a Breakage/Damages Deposit according to the type of Event held and the risks thereof. If everything is in order your Deposit will be refunded within 14 days after the Event. If Breakages/Damages are found the Replacement costs or Repairs will be deducted from the Deposit. Clients will also sign a contract whereby they are liable for any outstanding Breakages/Damages, should the value be greater than any Breakages/Damages.

Any unruly behavior will not be tolerated. No fighting or verbal abuse is tolerated. No weapons are allowed inside our premises or outside our premises. We are offering an Upmarket service and we expect the behavior to be the same of our guests and patrons.

We do our utmost to make sure that your event will be a memorable one. 

Choose your menu

Starters : Choose 1

Chicken wing on Skewer with Cocktail Roll & Dip Sauce : R30 , Savoury Mince Rissoles & Dip Sauce : R30 , Vegetable Rissoles & Dip Sauce : R25, Shrimp Rissoles & Dip Sauce : R45 , Feta & Cheese Rissoles & Dip Sauce : R40 ,  Sweet Chilli Chicken Rissoles & Dip Sauce : R35 , Spinach & feta Quiche : R30 , Savoury Mince Quiche : R30 , Ham & Cheese Quiche : R35 , Mini Chicken Kebabs(Sosaties) : R40 . Mini Beef Kebabs(Sosaties) ; R48 , Mini Lamb Kebabs(Sosaties) : R60 , Mini Vetkoek & Mince : R30 , Mini Chicken Mayo Vetkoek : R38 , Mini Tuna Mayo Vetkoek :R48, Mini Croissants with Ham, Cheese & Pesto : R50 , Mini Pita Pockets with Cheese : R35 , Ham & Pesto , Mini Pita Pockets with Chicken Mayo : R40 , Mini Pita Pockes with Savoury Mince : R40 , Mini Pita Pockets with Chicken Curry : R40 , Mini Pita Pockets with Beef Curry : R48 , Mini Beef Bunny Chow : R40 , Mini Vegetable Bunny Chow : R35 , Mini Chicken Bunny Chow :R38 , Mini Lamb Bunny Chow : R58

Starches : 

White Rice : R15 , Yellow Rice : R18 , White Vegetable Rice : R21 , Yellow Vegetable Rice : R23 , Spanish-styled Spicy Rice : R30 , Basmati Rice : R28 , Cous Cous : R28 , Normal Pap : R15 , Aromat Spiced Pap with Corn :R20, Baby Potatoes with Garlic & Rosemary : R20 , Mashed Potatoes : R25 , Cheesy Crumbed Potato Balls : R30, Rice Cakes : R35

Meats : 

Roast Beef : R45, Roast Pork : R40 , Gammon : R50 , Turkey : R40, Grilled Chicken : R35, Club T-Bone Steak : R48 , Rump Steak : R53 , Grilled Brisket : , Boerewors , Chicken Drumsticks , Chicken Wings , Chicken Thighs , Chicken Breasts , 1/4 Chicken Leg (Thigh & Drumstick) , Beef Curry OR Stew Bone In , Chicken Curry OR Stew Bone In , Lamb Curry OR Stew Bone In , Savoury Mince , Chilli Corn Carne , Crumbed Chicken Strips , Crumbed Chicken Schnitzel's , Pork Ribs , Pork Chops  

Vegetables : 

Green Beans mixed with Potato & Onion : R15, Green Beans Whole wrapped in Bacon : R28, Green Beans sauted with onion & Bacon in Cream : R28 , Grilled Mixed Vegetables : R15 , Curried Mixed Vegetables : R20 , Cauliflower in Cheese Sauce : R25 , Broccoli in Cheese Sauce : R25 , Cauliflower & Broccoli in Cheese Sauce : R25 , Sweet & Sour Onions : R25 , Peas : R13 , Corn  : r13, Sweet Carrots : r13 , Sweet Potato : R13 , Pumpkin : R13 , Pumpkin Fritters with Cinnamon Sugar : R20 , Pumpkin Fritters in Caramel Sauce : R25 , Broccoli & Carrot Fritters : R20 , Chilli Stuffed Tomatoes : R30 , Stuffed Courgettes : R30, Artichokes & Aubergines : R40

Salads : C

Beetroot , Beetroot in Chutney , Green Salad , Greek Salad , Carrot Salad , Carrot Salad with Raisins , Pasta Salad, Curry Pasta Salad , Sunshine Sprout Salad , Cole Slaw , Red Cabbage Salad , Curried Potato Salad , Zabon's Salad , Spinach Salad with Fruits,

Crumbed Chicken Salad , Tuna Salad , Lime Dressed Courgette Salad , Greek Styled Mushroom Salad , Chicken & In Season Fruit Salad , Prawn Salad Kebabs , 3 Bean Salad , Roasted vegetable Salad , Warm Chicken & Spinach Salad , Grilled Chicken on Herbed Cous Cous Salad , Teriyaki Chicken & Asparagus Salad , Spicy Chicken Caesar Salad , Salmon & capers Salad , Thai Beef Salad , Bacon Egg & Advocado Salad , Jambalaya Rice Salad , Lemon Prawn Pasta Salad , Russian Spaghetti Salad , Fruity Rice Salad

Desserts : Choose 1

Malva Pudding with Custard , Orange Syrup Cake with Cream , Brandy Cake with Whipped Cream , Tipsy Tart with Whipped Cream , Brandy Balls , Cremora Tart , Milk Tart , Mocha Cheese Cake , Fresh Fruit Salad & Ice Cream , Fruit Kebabs(Soasaties) with Honey Yoghurt Dip Sauce , Waffles with Ice Cream Syrup & Cream , Cup Cakes


Choose Between 3 Venues

The Goat Shed. 20 People. R1,500.00

We can Accomodate 20 People. Included are Tables, Chairs, Table Colths, Runners/Overlays, Chair Covers, Chair Tie Backs, Cutlery, Crockery, Glasses. Kid's Play Ground & Jumping Castle. 


Die Plaas Stoep / The Farm Veranda. 60 People. R2,100.00

We can Accomodate 120 People. Included are Tables, Chairs, Table Colths, Runners/Overlays, Chair Covers, Chair Tie Backs, Cutlery, Crockery, Glasses. Kid's Play Ground & Jumping Castle. 


Lavonne Devine Restaurant. 120 People. R5,000.00

We can Accomodate 120 People. Included are Tables, Chairs, Table Colths, Runners/Overlays, Chair Covers, Chair Tie Backs, Cutlery, Crockery, Glasses. Kid's Play Ground & Jumping Castle. Lower & Upper Level.

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terms and Conditions : Where a Hall have been booked and paid, if cancelled a Month before the Event, 50% will be refunded. If catering was to be done no refund will be done. If a Venue was booked and is not available due to any circumstances from our side, a Full Refund will be made on the Venue. If we had to buy Decor in, our costs will be subtracted from the quoted price (this Includes a Retainer Cost 0f 40%) and if there is a positive balance it will be refunded immediately, If we can not refund it immediately we will pay back in monthly installments to the client due to the fact that the decor was ordered and bought especially for the client's function.

PAYMENTS : If your function is within than a month from Booking Full Payment is Required. If we offer you the option to PAY on Installments, please note that the Deposit is Required Immediately when you receive your INVOICE. THEREAFTER MONTHLY PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE ON OR BEFORE THE LAST DAY OF THE MONTH. BECAUSE WE GIVE SPECIAL TARIFFS TO YOU AS OUR VALUED CLIENT THIS MUST BE ADHERED TO. IF YOU DO NOT ADHERE TO IT A LATE PAYMENT PENALTY OF 10% OF THE VALUE OF WHAT YOU MUST PAY PER MONTH WILL BE ADDED.